Monthly Archive: February, 2018

‘ASH VS EVIL DEAD’ Season 3 (2018) TV Review – This Season Impresses With Ample Comedy, Horror, and Absurdity

This review is covering episodes one through five of season three without spoilers.  Ash vs Evil Dead has returned once again for its third season and proves that this classic franchise still has… Continue reading

‘GAME NIGHT’ (2018) Movie Review – Phenomenal Writing On Top Of Hilarious Performances

Game Night is a comedy/crime-mystery directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein and puts a talented cast in a sticky situation when during their high-concept game night the lines between what’s real… Continue reading

‘MUTE’ (2018) Movie Review – A Disaster That Lacks Substance, Depth, And Intrigue

Mute was supposed to be one of Netflix’s biggest films of 2018 with a cast including Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux and also being helmed by acclaimed director Duncan Jones of Moon (2009)… Continue reading

‘EVERYTHING SUCKS!’ Season 1 (2018) Spoiler Review – Where Could A Possible Season 2 Go?

SPOILERS to follow for season 1 of Everything Sucks! Check out my Non-Spoiler Review if you have not yet seen the season and don’t want to be spoiled. If you took all of… Continue reading

‘EVERYTHING SUCKS!’ Season 1 (2018) TV Review – A Mellow, Sweet, and Beautiful Young Love Story

THERE WILL BE NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW FOR EVERYTHING SUCKS! Oh the 90’s, there is so much about this iconic decade that makes me want to go back and revisit it…… but… Continue reading

‘BLACK PANTHER’ (2018) Movie Review – Emotional Story, Deep Characters, And Thrilling Action Sequences

Black Panther is the first of three MCU films releasing in 2018 and Marvel has really come out swinging with this one which successfully incorporates a deep story and thrilling action sequences once… Continue reading

‘WHEN WE FIRST MET’ (2018) Movie Review – A Story About A Man Trapped In The Friend Zone

When We First Met is a Netflix original romantic comedy directed by Ari Sandel, starring Alexandra Daddario and Adam Devine, and along with 2017’s Happy Death Day is yet another film that is… Continue reading

‘THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX’ (2018) Spoiler Review – Bring On The Next Entry

The Cloverfield Paradox has a number of flaws and plenty of room for where improvements can be made but it is still overall (for me at least) a good enjoyable film. There are… Continue reading

‘THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX’ (2018) Movie Review – It’s Like Cloverfield… But In Space

The Cloverfield Paradox marks the third entry in the the Cloverfield Anthology Franchise and continues the trend of changing up the setting, the tone, and the genre enough to where it very believably… Continue reading

‘ALTERED CARBON’ Season 1 (2018) TV Spoiler Review – That Ending Though…

So here I want to touch on a few things from Altered Carbon Season 1 that are a little too spoiler filled to discuss in the regular review. So if you have not… Continue reading