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2019 Oscar Winners – Find out who came out on top

This year’s Academy Awards have come to an end and this time it was a very to-the-point ceremony without a host. With all of the drama and controversy in the lead-up to the… Continue reading

2018 OSCAR WINNERS – Who Took Home The Big One?

So it’s finally here, one of the best days of the year and the night in which we get to celebrate all of the incredible films that released through 2017. There are a… Continue reading

2017 Oscars Results – Who Won? Who Lost? Lets Look Back.

So here we are again, the biggest night in Hollywood and one of my most anticipated days of the year (more than my birthday) is finally upon us where we get to celebrate all of the incredible films released in the last year. Will La La Land sweep 14 awards? Or will it only grab […]


Well there we have it, the most anticipated night in Hollywood is over for another year. We had some big winners, some surprises, and plenty of drama. Lets get into the results and see… Continue reading