Weekend Box Office – August 7 – 9 – 2015

fantastic4BoxOffice The weekend Box Office numbers are here and there are definitely a few things to talk about. This week saw the release of the somewhat anticipated and disappointing superhero film ‘Fantastic Four’, the mysteriously creepy and interesting Thriller ‘The Gift’ and the one flying under everyones radar ‘Ricki and the Flash’. How many of them cracked the top 5? Did Fantastic Four take the top spot or did the terrible reviews hurt the film lets find out with the numbers below.

  1. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: $29.4M
  2. Fantastic Four: $26.2M
  3. The Gift: $12M
  4. Vacation: $9.15M
  5. Ant-Man: $7.83M

Well there you have it, it looks like those horrible fan and critic reviews really affected Fox’s next attempt at a successful Fantastic Four film as the film made a pathetic $26.2M allowing Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation to take the top position with $29.4M. fantasticfour1 Lets talk about the biggest news of the weekend which is that Fox’s Fantastic Four bombed at the Box Office. It turns out the guys overseeing X-Men Days of Future Past can make mistakes after all. Now you may be wondering why i am calling the $26.2M Fantastic Four made ‘pathetic’, well, that is still quite a bit of money but considering that they were projecting $50M and it only made half, then yeah i would say that is pathetic. That number took a huge hit when the reviews came in for the film mid-week. All of the critic reviews were extremely negative which would have reduced that projected number to around $38M which is still somewhat respectable, but then after the first wave of the public went to see the movie, they went home telling everyone not to waste their money, and then those people told their friends and so on, resulting in the $26.2M they got. I was one of the people who saw that movie on the opening day, and i am one of those people who will tell you to never pay any money to see this movie. This is the type of film you should wait 4 years to see when it is on Free to Air TV, not even worth a single dollar or a minute of you time. It is depressingly bad and you can view why it is in my NON-SPOILER review HERE, and my SPOILER FILLED review HERE. TheGiftPoster Next up, lets talk about this smaller movie called, ‘The Gift‘. It is a Mystery Thriller starring Jason Bateman in a much more serious role than we are used to him playing. Personally, i loved the trailer for this film so i cannot wait to see this film when it releases here in Australia. The strong $12M debut is a big statement, and you should definitely go and see this movie instead of Fantastic Four. Built off a $5M budget this movie has already made that back and when you add in the mostly positive reviews it is receiving why would you choose Fantastic Four over this. Seeing a smaller film do this well off a tiny budget is great for all small indie films, especially those that fall under the Mystery Thriller category. Hank Pym As for the films carrying over from last week Mission Impossible remained number one with the aforementioned $29.4M. The movie must be getting good word of mouth as more people continue to see this film. Vacation managed to snag another $9.15M after receiving not so great reviews, i don’t see it surviving in the Top 5 next week. Another movie that is most likely spending its final days in the Top 5 after a good 4 week run is Ant-Man grabbing $7.83M as it begins to drop out of sight. The new Meryl Streep film ‘Ricki and the Flash‘ also made its debut this week with $7M. I didn’t see this film marketed anywhere and honestly it didn’t look like anything great so i’m not surprised with what it made. That being said, we have come to the end of another weekend at the Box Office. The weekend actuals will be updated below when available. I do sense a few big changes in the numbers next week with two big movies coming up, so stay tuned for ‘Opening this Week’ very soon.



  1. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: $28.5M
  2. Fantastic Four: $25.7M
  3. The Gift: $11.9M
  4. Vacation: $9M
  5. Ant-Man: $7.9M

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