‘ALLEGIANT’ Movie Review – Who Even Cares Anymore…


Welcome back to the franchise that continues to disappoint time and time again without fail. ‘Divergent’ was a decent first entry, introducing us to the characters and the ‘Hunger Games-like’ world in a way that opened up to lots of possibilities, ‘Insurgent’ was a boring mess as it failed to ditch the faction heavy focus and explore the world outside Chicago but had some engaging sections, and now that ‘Allegiant’ has finally gone the route of exploring outside the wall, we still have ourselves a lifeless, emotionless, boring film that makes it the worst of the bunch. This movie to put it simply is very dull, everyone in this film looks completely bored out of their minds, and if the actors don’t want to be there then i sure as hell don’t want to be watching them. The plot has quite a few events it is following throughout the film but everything is cliche and predictable as fuck. You have seen literally everything in this film many times before, even in the other two films in the series.


The thing i was looking forward to most was finally getting out of the city and seeing what they can do different with a different environment away from the factions. But for some stupid reason, what we focus on outside the wall isn’t a bunch of creatures that need to be fought off, and isn’t having to survive being hunted by groups of marauders….. Instead, we have literally the exact same shit going on outside the wall as we did inside the wall, which makes me wonder why make a big fucken deal about this film leaving the city, when it’s just more of the same shit. Where before there were factions of various qualities with people living in luxury and some in poverty, we now have groups of people of different qualities living in different areas from luxury to poverty. Where before we had an ambiguous (are they/are they not a) douchebag character we now have another ambiguous (are they/are they not a) douchebag character…. come on, at least try something new.


I think at this point in the franchise even the returning actors have completely given up. Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller, Naomi Watts, they all are talented actors/actresses but here they just cannot wait until the final film is out and they can kiss this franchise goodbye. It isn’t their fault, i mean, the dialogue they are given to read is some of the most cringey, fake, wooden dialogue that makes you sigh at every scene. And now with this film Jeff Daniels has been sucked into this disastrous franchise, he looked like he really regretted signing onto this film, like he was more bored than me watching the thing. Seriously, Jeff, are they holding your family ransom? Blink once for yes, twice for no…. Don’t let them do this. But amongst all the crap, there are a few short scenes here and there that were actually mildly entertaining. Some action goes down at a few points throughout the film which wasn’t terrible, you just don’t really remember them because you have suffered through everything else. This film needed a good kick up the ass, it’s slow and boring, an injection of some more action scenes and upping the pace a little was much need.


But, i guess they ‘have to stick to the books’…… Well if you have to stick to the books, make 3 movies for 3 fucken books then. More likely then not, i’ll watch the 4th film and it will be pretty clear that these two films could have been one film. But i could also be wrong… So i guess you know what to expect from the third film in this franchise, i’d rather forget it.


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